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Chrome white iron machined closed impeller and sand slinger. Machined open impeller/expeller. Ductile iron machined planetary hub.


Innovative Solutions – Ductile and Chrome White Iron Castings

Established in 1935, Penticton Foundry, located in Penticton, British Columbia creates, among other things, ductile iron castings and high chrome white iron castings of exceptional quality and durability for clients across North America.  With its commitment to innovation and design, Penticton Foundry’s highly skilled workforce can deliver custom work and specialty design on time and on budget.

We offer a full-service foundry, thus ensuring product consistency.  Whether it’s complete, on-site CAD design, pattern making facilities, quality controlled alloy composition or precision chrome white iron castings, we know that our customers value our excellent service and dedication to making their product better.  Our established, long-term relationships with our clients have transformed us from a local to international provider of castings and services. 

We offer several competitive advantages that result in specific benefits for our customers.  Contact Us and get started with one of our experienced sales consultants today.



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