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Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance

Taking Care of the Future

At Penticton Foundry we prioritize operations and policies that reduce our environmental footprint. We also invest in our community, supporting various organizations that assist those in need. Fundamentally, our sustainability and social policies form the cornerstone of how we do business.

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We use scrap materials in our production process. We offer solutions to our customers that prioritize recycling, reducing and reusing. For example, we re-melt chrome white iron liners, pipe casings and impellers to make new chrome white iron products.

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We have implemented policies, and installed equipment, to reduce resource consumption and overall energy use. Our manufacturing process, for example, does not use water. Our primary energy consumption is from hydroelectricity, which does not produce hazardous emissions, consume fossil fuels or produce carbon dioxide. We ensure that all iron is produced in accordance with Canadian environmental standards.

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One of our main goals is to reduce emissions. We use an induction melting furnace, which does not produce emissions, and is considered a green technology. We also use 7 filter baghouses to collect the dust generated during our manufacturing processes.

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The following content takes a look at where Penticton Foundry’s values align with several sustainable development goals identified by the United Nations.

Good Health and Wellbeing

  • Penticton Foundry understands that its people are its greatest asset
  • We are proud to be located in Canada, where we pay all of our employees a living wage
  • We have a comprehensive extended benefits and pension program
  • We maintain an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) that provides independent and confidential counselling for all employees
  • Our safety program is robust. We have been OSSE certified for many years, and have won “Pinnacle” awards every year since 2017. Our most important job is to give our employees the tools to do their work safely and return home to their loved ones
  • Our employees are part of a larger local community and so we invest accordingly
  • We are a major donor to SOWINS (South Okanagan Women In Need Society), who provide shelter, safety and support to local women and children
  • We are a donor to OSNS (Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society) Child and Youth Development Centre, which is a pediatric and youth therapy centre
  • We are also a donor to the Penticton and Regional Hospital, our local health care facility

Quality Education

  • We support local youth by providing a bursary every year for graduating high school students that are pursuing an education in engineering or another STEM based program
  • We encourage and pay for our employees to take courses through the AFS (American Foundry Society, or any other organization that may interest them)
  • We work with local schools to increase awareness about the trades and the importance of education/training
  • Whether it’s through participation in a co-op program, or investing in apprenticeships at the foundry, we encourage the education and training of our future foundry leaders. Their time with us is spent not only in hands-on learning, but additional education and training if they so choose

Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • We pay a very competitive wage to all employees
  • We review comparable salaries and benefits with local employers, with provincial bodies, and across the continent via the AFS (American Foundry Society)
  • We help our employees plan for their retirement, and offer training from financial institutions on investing and saving
  • We are located in Canada and pay our employees a living wage, offering numerous opportunities for skillset growth and promotion
  • We pay for all professional development at no cost to the employee

Partnership for the Goals

  • Our customers encourage sustainability, and they provide tools to track our improvements
  • We work with our employees to make sustainability a part of their skillset
  • A sustainability-first approach is encouraged when refining processes and operations
  • We encourage vendors to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we vet our vendors to ensure that they are working towards the 17 SDGs

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