Chrome White Iron and Ductile Iron Images

Penticton Foundry’s gallery contains a collection of images that reflect our innovative use of chrome white iron and ductile iron to create superior parts that we deliver on time and on budget.  The gallery covers industries such as mining and crushing, OEM, fracking, oil and gas, pump and the Oil Sands.  We are pleased that we have helped our customers substantially improve their wear time and decrease their downtime. Please note that the gallery only reflects some of our products. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Mining and Crushing

Miscellaneous high chrome white iron liners for the mining industry.Search
Solid high chrome white iron feed chute liners, replacing AR plate.Search
High chrome white iron cyclone (HCWI) used in an oil sands mine.Search
A cyclone built by Penticton Foundry for the diamond mining industry.Search
Verti – Mill wear liner cast in solid chrome white iron for mining industry.Search

Oil and Gas

Ductile iron stuffing box.Search
Ductile iron machined stuffing box.Search
Oil pump parts cast in ductile iron including BOP, wellhead frame and stuffing box.Search
Ductile iron PC pump gear box and lid.Search
Progressive cavity pump motor housing in ductile iron.Search

Oil Sands

Y Lateral, which is high chrome white iron inside, and steel pressure boundary outside.Search
 Wye spool combining a steel pressure boundary and abrasion resistant chrome white iron liner.Search
A bimetallic Oil Sands pipe spool.Search
A dropout spool which is chrome white iron inside and steel pressure boundary outside.Search
High chrome white iron feedwell distributor (witch’s hat) on steel backing.Search


Clutch housing made in ductile iron.Search
A ductile iron housing used for power transmission.Search
A ductile iron engine mounted transmission.Search
A large scale brake caliper made in ductile iron.Search
Cable drums for the winch industry made of ductile iron.Search

Hydraulic Fracturing

The discharge end of a chrome white iron pump casing, showing integral splitter vane.Search
High chrome white iron fully machined blender tub impeller.Search
A chrome white iron, ASTM A532, sand slinger used in the hydraulic fracturing industry.Search
A fully machined chrome white iron frac blender tub.Search
Chrome white iron frac pump casing.Search


Chrome white iron pump casing being machined.Search
Solid high chrome white iron machined pump impellers.Search
Miscellaneous chrome white iron pump parts including casings, suction liner and impellers.Search
Fully machine chrome white iron suction liner.Search
Solid chrome white iron pump casing on the lathe being machined.Search
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