A chrome white iron volute used in the hydraulic fracturing industry.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Fully Engineered Components Including Frac Blenders

Penticton Foundry uses high chrome white iron in its hydraulic fracturing components, leading to superior wear time and performance. 

Advances in materials’ technology enable us to effectively machine chrome white iron.  The uniform structure of chrome white iron facilitates ease of inspection, allowing for more predictable maintenance schedules and downtime.  This means that with the proper planning, parts can replaced at the most optimum time.

Our chrome white iron frac blender tubs, for example, significantly outlast traditionally fabricated blender tubs, increasing operating uptime and saving you money on replacement costs (see testimonial below).  With over a decade of supplying blender type components to recognizable names in the hydraulic fracturing industry such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and Calfrac Well Services, we have a proven track record for success.

  • Fully engineered and assembled parts
  • Design assistance to improve the final product  – including transitioning weldments to castings
  • Superior metallurgical knowledge results in parts that are fully interchangeable with existing units 
  • New high chrome white iron castings are less expensive than rebuilt parts

We also manufacture slingers, impellers, expellers and liners.  These components have all been manufactured using chrome white iron, leading to better wear performance and lower maintenance costs.

Check out our Gallery to see some of our Hydraulic Fracturing products.


“Blender Tubs last 6-7 times longer than CCO or ceramic lined.  Another big plus is nothing ever delaminates off of the tub and goes down into the pumps.  As well, chrome iron tubs are impervious to hot water and chemicals which can be an issue with rubber lined tubs.  Chrome iron blender impellers last 4X as long as C15 stainless steel impellers”.

Regional Maintenance Manager
Baker Hughes

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