Machining gray iron, ASTM A48

Gray Iron

ASTM A 48 castings are castings that are intended for general use when tensile strength is a key consideration.

Also called grey cast iron, gray iron is a kind of cast iron with a graphitic microstructure. It has high thermal conductivity, good machinability and excellent damping capacity. Unfortunately, because of its low ductility and tensile strength, it has very little impact and shock resistance. It does, however, have good corrosion resistance because of its silicon content, which can occupy up to 6 to 10% of the content of gray iron. Because of its low cost of production and attractive properties, gray iron is one of the most commonly used ferrous alloys.

Pro Tip: That being said, there are a number of instances where ductile iron would be preferred for a given application. To learn more, read “The Differences Between Ductile Iron and Gray Iron.”

We pour several grades of gray iron including:

Note: For castings that experience temperatures up to 1400 F consider using ASTM A319 Heat Resistant Gray Iron.

Possible Applications for Gray Iron

  • Frames
  • Gear Boxes
  • Cable Drums
  • Pumps

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