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ASTM A532 Class III Type A machined nozzles and seats for power generation industry. Micro-structure of ASTM A532 Class II Type D machined, hardened structure liner.

High Chrome White Iron - Abrasion Resistant Cast Irons

Abrasion Resistant Cast Irons ASTM A532

At Penticton Foundry we work in partnership with you to find solutions to your wear problems.  Based on your requirements and feedback we design and engineer an alloy that fully meets the ASTM A532 Standard.  In doing so we maximize your run-time and reduce the number of stoppages and change outs.  Our abrasion resistant cast irons can be supplied in a variety of compositions and hardness.  Depending on your needs, Penticton Foundry can cast to finished size and/or fully machine your component. If you’re wondering why chrome white iron (ASTM A532) is so abrasion resistant, read this.

*Unique Alloy - Pliant25 ASTM A532 Class III Type A

We are proud to offer Pliant25 ASTM A532 Class III Type A which is the best alloy that can be used when drilling, tapping and broaching is required.  After machining it is heat treated to approximately 600 BHN.