Large diameter B31.3 high pressure abrasion resistant straight pipe spool

Oil Sands

Abrasion Resistant Pipe

At Penticton Foundry we have an understanding of our customers’ wear and downtime challenges.  In response, we have specialized in high chrome white iron lined piping assemblies which conform to ASME B31.3 or ASME B31.4 specifications. Components include, but are NOT limited to: pipe spools, laterals, wye laterals, elbows, drain spools and reducers.

In addition to piping components we’ve replaced a variety of weldments such as rock boxes, dead bed liners and pump box liners with castings.

For Penticton Foundry, the Oil Sands has proven to be one of our most successful industries. We’ve changed the downtime landscape, by revolutionizing the use of high chrome white iron in pressure boundary applications. The dense media typically pumped at high velocity is particularly well-suited to the wear characteristics of our abrasion resistant pipe.   Penticton Foundry has replaced traditional weld overlays or urethane coatings for companies throughout the Alberta Oil Sands, resulting in increased up time. We have provided a number of innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients, saving them money and building our reputation as a wear-solutions provider.

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