Drilled, tapped and hardened machined castings of chrome white iron volute. Chrome white iron machined casting side liner.

Competitive Advantages

Innovative. Create. Deliver – The Penticton Foundry Advantage in Machined Castings

At Penticton Foundry, our expertise offers several advantages to our customers. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach.

Read on to see how we’re helping our customers save time and money.

innovation.png Advantage 1: Innovation
We offer innovative solutions to your wear problems through the use of high chrome white iron and improved design.

Benefits include:
  • Cost savings
  • Improved up times
  • Improved change out time and reduced downtime
  • Case Study



Advantage 2: Single Source
We are your single source for everything from design to assembly.

Benefits include:
  • Reduced project lead time because fewer companies involved
  • Component ready on time and on budget
  • Case Study



Advantage 3: Design Assistance
Our team of engineers can assist with conversion of welded fabrications, help you with cost savings design and provide FEA for component design.

Benefits include:
  • Significant cost savings
  • Consistency in design leads to higher quality
  • Case Study


assembly.png Advantage 4: Assembly
We provide fully assembled components.

Benefits include:
  • Time saver
  • Eases on-site installation, reducing potential downtime
  • Customer keeps less inventory on-site


Advantage 5: Hydro Testing
We have on-site hydro testing facilities.

Benefits include:
  • Ensures component meets criteria and performs as expected
  • Ensures component meets ASTM standards
  • Saves re-work costs


machining.png Advantage 6: Machining
We have a successful track record of producing fully machined high chrome white iron components including milling, turning, drilling, tapping and broaching.

Benefits include:
  • Single component simplifies assembly, decreasing costs and improving wear times
  • Case Study

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