A mould that will be turned into a quality casting for the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas

Castings for the Oil and Gas Industry

Penticton Foundry’s quality castings are used extensively in the production, pumping and transportation of both oil and natural gas.  Our reputation for producing durable products means that companies throughout North America are using our castings in their drive units and compressor components.

Because we are committed to quality, we stress relieve our castings to increase machinability and ensure dimensional tolerances are maintained. Penticton Foundry prides itself on being responsive to our customers’ demands and we understand the timelines dictated by the cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry.

  • We utilize a Kanban Inventory system based on your needs
  • Production facilities have been engineered to provide flexibility to accommodate customers’ changing requirements
  • We offer full traceability on all parts including physical and chemical certification
  • We utilize no bake sand which is well-suited to the finish and function of oil and gas related parts
  • We offer our chrome white iron and steel Forcast Armoured Pipe with UT sensors for in-situ thickness measurements

The following list represents SOME of our oil and gas wear parts. If you require something different, please do not hesitate to contact us.

• Stuffing boxes • Well head frames
• Rod locks • Blowout protector
• Progressive cavity drive components • Main housings
• Brake housings • Bottom plates
• Brake shoes • Gear boxes
• Gear box lids • Gears
• Brake engagement hubs • Compressor bodies
• Compressor frames • Pump jack parts
• Counterweights • Gear cases
• Crank arms  

Check out our Gallery to see some of our Oil and Gas products.