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Cast Hydraulic Fracking (Fracturing) Components cost less, last up to 6 times longer

Posted by Penticton Foundry on January 17, 2011

Penticton Foundry supplies ASTM A532 chrome iron fracking components that outlast fabricated components.fracking-tub.jpg

The blender tubs, liner and mixing impellers used in the fracking process are ASTM A532 CLIII A (or 3A) chrome iron castings.  The cast components usually last at least 6 times longer than T1 fabricated plate overlayed with CCO. (chromium carbide overlay)

The impeller is cast, machined and balanced.  Hardness is >550 BHN (55RC)

One of our customers trialed a sample ASTM A532 chrome iron cast impeller.  fracking-impeller-with-liner.jpgIt was finally replaced after pumping 50,000 tons (100 million pounds) of proppant.  The prior steel impellers wore out after only 8,000 tons.