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ASTM A536, ductile iron gear rack segment. ASTM A536 ductile iron bottom plate.

Gray, Austempered and Ductile Irons

Different Irons to Meet Your Needs

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)

Austempered ductile iron creates a stronger casting than ductile iron. In addition, austempered ductile iron castings can be made with thinner cross sections, leading some customers to replace their aluminum parts with ADI because of the associated significant weight savings.

We commonly produce several grades of ADI, including

We also pour Carbidic ADI (CADI) which has been used successfully in some wear applications.

Ductile Iron

With good mechanical properties and lower production costs, our ductile iron castings can often replace steel fabrications or even steel castings.  They are frequently used in industries such as agriculture, construction, pumping, winching and oil and gas. Most original equipment manufacturers can also utilize ductile iron castings in many components of their equipment.

We produce several grades of ductile iron, including:

We also pour gray Irons to ASTM A48 Class 20, Class 30 and Class 40.