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Ductile Iron Data Sheet ASTM A536 100 – 70 – 03

Posted by Penticton Foundry on November 24, 2020

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An ASTM A536 100 – 70 – 03 ductile iron high speed gear for a jack pump

Pearlitic ductile iron (100-70-03) includes graphite spheroids in a matrix of pearlite. The pearlite matrix is comparatively hard and has high strength, combined with good wear resistance. This is combined with average ductility and impact resistance. Overall, like most ductile iron, it has good machinability.

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Chemistry requirements are not specified in the ASTM A536 standard. Chemistry and hardness listed in this spec would be typical for a grade 100-70-03.


C Mn Si Cr Ni Cu Mg
Min % 3.4 0 1.8 0 0 0.15 0.025
Max % 3.8 1 2.8 0.08 1.5 1.2 0.06

Physical and Mechanical Properties

UTS (psi)100000
YS (psi)70000
% Elongation min3%
Hardness (BHN) 240-300
Density (lb/in3)0.257-0.26
Thermal Conductivity (Cal/cmsec °C)0.06
Specific Heat at 70°F (Btu/lb°F)0.15
Melting Temperature (°F)2100

Heat Treatment

100-70-03 castings are usually heat treated in order to produce a stronger material that meets all the expected physical and mechanical properties. Heat treatment adds dimensional stability to a component in case it is further subjected to temperature changes or other stressors, (like machining), during use or processing. The part will also possess a homogenous, refined grain structure as a result of heat treating.

Design Advantages with 100-70-03

  • High strength
  • Good wear resistance
  • Stable in high temperatures
  • Reduced chipping
  • High fatigue strength
  • Maintains tensile and yield strengths
  • Could eliminate welding
  • Price reduction from steel forging

Preferred applications: ASTM A536 100 – 70 – 03 offers the best combination of strength, wear resistance and response to surface hardening. It is perfect for high strength gears, automotive and machine components.

  • High strength machine components
  • High strength gears
  • Truck drive shaft connector
  • Power transmission parts
  • Clutch cup

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