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Penticton Foundry Joins MARIOS

Posted by Penticton Foundry on November 18, 2015

MARIOS and the Oil Sands

Penticton Foundry is pleased to announce that we have joined MARIOS (Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands).  Created in 2009 by Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, MARIOS’ goal is to connect Oil Sands’ stakeholders in a collaborative, problem-solving approach designed to address and solve industry wide concerns.  The hope is that this strategy will result in knowledge and technologies that significantly reduce downtime, and increase productivity and operational reliability in the Oil Sands.  Stakeholders include producers, material and equipment suppliers, fabricators and technology providers.

Joining a prestigious program like MARIOS offers several benefits to the Penticton Foundry and the clients we serve.

  • Perhaps most exciting is that Penticton Foundry will now be involved in sharing information that examines Oil Sands’ wear concerns.
  • This will lead to the development of products that will increase wear life and decrease downtime.
  • With our focus on chrome white iron and its exceptional wear resistance, this is an area of particular interest to us.  
  • In essence, we see MARIOS as a chance to collaborate on R&D projects with other members and an opportunity to test our innovative ideas in the field.

We expect that the knowledge we gain through MARIOS (including the training sessions and workshops we’ll now have access to) will also have benefits to many of our other industry clients, such as those in fracking  and mining.

We look forward to working with other industry leaders and gaining the knowledge to continue to innovate and serve our clients better.