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Chrome White Iron Drain Spool Increases Wear Life 5 Times

Posted by Penticton Foundry on June 24, 2015

Penticton Foundry was approached by an oil sands company to resolve a drain spool wear problem.  At the time drain spools were made of chromium carbide overlay (CCO).  Because drain spools are located at the bottom of the pipe they experience an accelerated wear rate, with a typical change out or repair at 12 weeks.

The solution was to create a high chrome white iron drain spool liner for the piping.  Specifically, the original 10mm CCO piping was replaced with a 32mm chrome white iron liner.  With high chrome white iron wearing half as slowly as CCO the customer was pleased to report that the liner was lasting for one year, saving both downtime and money.

The advantages of castings allowed Penticton Foundry to modify the design and greatly increase the thickness in the high wear areas.  The piping component fully complied with piping process code ASME B31.3.