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The Benefits of Using Chrome White Iron

Posted by Penticton Foundry on March 6, 2019

chrome-white-iron-spool.jpgBecause of its unique microstructure, chrome white iron offers superior abrasion resistance over other alloys, including steel. But ASTM A532 also confers specific recycling, reusing and repairing advantages over rubber and ceramic products, resulting in a lower environmental impact and significant cost savings.

Recycling Chrome White Iron

Certain foundries offer the option to recycle chrome white iron castings and parts. Once removed from service, the casting can be melted down, combined with other raw materials and transformed into new, abrasion resistant products. The benefit of this process is obvious – less landfill waste and environmental effect. Unfortunately, other competitive products such as rubber or ceramic cannot be recycled as easily. Chrome white iron, on the other hand, can be recycled indefinitely.

Reducing Through Chrome White Iron

As stated earlier, ASTM A532 possesses superior abrasion resistance. By replacing steel or CCO with chrome white iron you can significantly extend the wear life of a casting or product. This reduces the total amount of material used over the life of a project, saving downtime and money.

Read this case study for an example of chrome white iron outlasting chromium carbide overlay (CCO) by a factor of 20.

Reusing Chrome White Iron

Some products, such as certain pipe products, are meant to be rotated. By reusing products in this fashion, the initial investment is extended over multiple uses, improving ROI.

Repairing Chrome White Iron

It’s possible to successfully repair many chrome white iron products such as an elbow, lateral, wye or reducer. Specifically, the high chrome white iron liner can be removed, recycled and a new liner installed. Downtime is kept to a minimum as the foundry supplies a spare unit, and the change out occurs during a scheduled shutdown.

The new liner is refurbished and retested, and in some instances improved to reinforce the high wear areas and extend future life. When the spare unit needs to be changed out, the rebuilt unit is waiting – no delays or surprises. Productivity is maintained and cost savings realized.

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