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Chrome Iron Pump Box Spool Liner Inserts Solve Hydro Transport Wear Problem

Posted by Penticton Foundry on October 18, 2009

An oil sands customer had a problem with extreme high wear on pump spools in the hydrotransport line for oil

We worked with the customer to design a reusable spool that houses a 1 ¼” thick wall 27% chrome iron liner >650 Brinnell.

Not only will the chrome iron liner wear longer than the CCO, the fabrication is reusable.  Once the liners wear out, the fabrications will be shipped back to Penticton to have another liner installed and put back into service.

Prior to using our insert spool the customer used fabricated spools made from chromium carbide overlay plate (CCO).  The customer found the CCO did not have the wear life required and that the cost of fabricating CCO was prohibitive.