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Chrome White Iron Secondary Crusher Lock Nut Sleeve

Posted by Penticton Foundry on August 18, 2015

An OEM crusher came with a steel lock nut.  worn-cap-for-secondary-crusher.jpgUnfortunately the lock nut had accelerated wear issues and was prohibitively expensive to replace.  The mine contacted Penticton Foundry with their situation and asked if there was a solution that was less costly.

Penticton Foundry decided to use high chrome white iron because of its superior wear performance, but there was a challenge to overcome.  High chrome white iron is not weldable.  The design team and engineers came together and successfully solved the problem.  Leveraging their years of experience with a dash of innovation, they cast in welded inserts.

The customer was very pleased with the cost which was one third of the price they would white-iron-secondary-lock-nut-sleeve-Penticton-Foundry.jpghave paid to replace the lock nut in the first place.