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High Chrome White Iron Manifold Discharge Spool

Posted by Penticton Foundry on July 24, 2015

A local mine in British Columbia, Canada changed the opening of their discharge screens on their SAG mills.  The previous, smaller screen size had allowed the mine to gain acceptable wear life out of their rubber lined spools (piping). when-rubber-wears-out-on-a-manifold-discharge-spool.jpg

With the change in screen size the larger, coarser media created an accelerated wear time frame. The rubber lining, which had previously lasted for a year and a half, was now lasting 6 weeks, an obviously unacceptable wear rate.

The mine approached Penticton Foundry looking for a solution. 

Penticton Foundry decided to utilize high chrome white iron as its abrasion resistant properties made it ideal for this particular scenario.  One of the advantages of castings is that you can optimize the design for a particular application.  This meant that Penticton Foundry was able to custom design a high chrome white iron casting that solved the mine’s wear problem.  Currently wear life is projected to increase 4 times to 24 weeks. high-chrome-white-iron-manifold-drain-spool.jpg