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The Advantages of High Chrome White Iron

Posted by Penticton Foundry on December 9, 2015

High Chrome White Iron’s Advantages

There are a number of myths about high chrome white iron.  Myths include the idea that high chrome white iron is not impact resistant, or that it can’t be machined.  These are limiting beliefs that don’t accurately reflect the advantages of using high chrome white iron in certain applications.  The following article will attempt to demonstrate the benefits of using high chrome white iron, along with offering information about why high chrome white iron’s molecular structure makes it suitable for wear applications.

Molecular Structure and Abrasion Resistance
Chrome white iron is composed of complex chromium carbides embedded in martensite.  Specifically, chromium carbides comprise 35% of the structure of high chrome white iron, with the remaining 65% being martensite.  Interestingly, the chromium carbides are essentially the same compound that is used in overlay processes.

Solid high chrome white iron feed chutes liners, replacing AR plate.

Why Does this Matter?
As the typical CCO is ¼ of an inch thick, the molecular structure of high chrome white iron confers significant wear advantages as you can cast it up to a much higher thickness.  In addition, the heat treatment that is done to the casting ensures that the hardness of the martenite structure is of maximum benefit for the given application.

Typical Applications and Advantages
Typically, if the application involves transporting an abrasive media, using chrome white iron significantly extends the life of the part, reducing downtime in the process and resulting in substantial cost savings.  For example, wear life can be increased in some instances by a factor of ten when using high chrome white iron instead of AR plate.

Here are some applications where high chrome white iron is suitable:

  • Laterals, wyes, reducers and elbows – hydrotransport parts
  • Pumps, impellers and suction or bearing liners are some of the most common uses for chrome white iron.
  • Chute liners, apron-feed liners, and gyratory crusher liners – mining

For a specific example where high chrome white iron significantly reduced downtime and saved a company millions in reduced outages, read this story.