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Penticton Foundry Milestones 2018/2019

Posted by Penticton Foundry on January 23, 2019

Foundry power hammerLocated in British Columbia, Canada, Penticton Foundry has become known for its game changing innovations in the use of ASTM A532, chrome white iron. Achieving this level of success requires constant dedication to furthering our expertise. It means investing in our people, processes and equipment, and ensuring that our customers’ expectations are exceeded every day.

We are proud of what we have achieved, and wanted to share some of our key milestones of the past 5 years.


a) Goal: Increase capacity and reduce lead times

  • Automated moulding line expanded to increase production levels
  • New cooling towers installed to improve melting efficiency
  • Purchase of power hammer to remove risers from castings and increase throughput
  • Hiring of key staff


a) Goal: Increase heat treatment capacity by 50%

  • Heat treat oven purchased and installed

b) Goal: Improve cleanliness in the plant

  • New bag houses purchased for future use

c) Goal: Improve visibility in the plant and reduce energy consumption

  • Plant-wide lighting upgrade

d) Goal: Gain a tighter control on sand temperatures in the summer

  • New sand cooler installation


a) Goal: To increase efficiency

  • New shipping office built

b) Goal: Pour larger castings

  • Construction of new pouring pit


a) Goal: Invest in equipment and facilities for current and future needs

  • Purchase of 2 new (3,000kg) melting furnaces complete with power pack to increase melt capacity by 50% once installed
  • Box shaker area expansion complete with new attrition mill
  • Purchase of new state-of-the-art spectrometer
  • Construction completed of new 10,000 square foot finishing building, with purchase of new swing grinding and hand grinding equipment, ergonomic tables, ventilation systems and lighting

b) Goal: Continue our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint

  • New bag house for pattern shop


a) Goal: Increase production capacity, while fostering better working conditions and product flow improvements

  • Begin construction of new 10,000 square foot finishing building, with structure improvements, crane installations, product-flow improvements


a) Increase pattern storage capacity

  • New 24,000 square foot pattern storage building