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High Chrome White Iron Nut Sleeve Outlasts Alloy Steel 6 Times

Posted by Penticton Foundry on October 20, 2016

ASTM A532 and Mining Crusher Wear Parts

There are a number of reasons why high chrome white iron offers superior abrasion resistance. It outperforms AR 400, chromium carbide overlay and steel in a variety of wear applications.  Read about how Penticton Foundry solved a Canadian mine’s wear challenge.ASTM A532, high chrome white iron secondary crusher nut sleeve

The largest copper mine in Canada approached Penticton Foundry to solve a wear problem with a secondary crusher nut sleeve.  The original part was an OEM alloy steel which needed to be changed out 8.67 times per year.  With 2 crushers in operation this had become quite costly for the mine.

Penticton Foundry designed a chrome white iron nut sleeve to replace the OEM alloy steel part.


  • The copper mine’s original goal was to extend wear life by 3x.
  • Penticton Foundry’s chrome white iron solution extended wear life by 6x. 
  • Change out intervals went from 8.67 times per year with the OEM alloy steel part to 1.44 times per year. 
  • In addition, the actual cost of the chrome white iron nut sleeve was less than the original OEM alloy steel part. 
  • This means that the mine recognized significant cost savings overall – fewer change outs and a less expensive part

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