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Machined high chrome white iron closed impeller used in a frac blender tub. Fully machined high chrome white iron open impeller used in a mud pump.


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The Penticton Foundry’s blog offers product updates, client success stories, news and tips.  It’s a place where research and innovation come together to keep our customers informed.

Standard 8 inch wear liners

— March 26, 2012

Standard 4 inch wear liners

— March 25, 2012

Standard 2 inch wear liners

— March 24, 2012

1 ½ inch wear liners

— March 23, 2012

Standard Chrome Iron Wear Liner Patterns – High Chrome White Iron

— March 22, 2012

We have standard patterns available for wear liners.

Bi metallic piping replaces CCO 28″wye and lateral piping assemblies

— March 2, 2012

A major Oil Sands facility replaced CCO 28″wye and lateral piping assemblies with bi metallic piping from Penticton Foundry.

7000 pound solid chrome iron elbow replaces CCO (chromium carbide overlayed) elbow

— March 1, 2012

Penticton Foundry recently shipped a 60 degree solid chrome elbow to a mine in the Alberta Oil Sands.

Cast Hydraulic Fracking (Fracturing) Components cost less, last up to 6 times longer

— January 7, 2011

Penticton Foundry supplies ASTM A532 chrome iron fracking components that outlast fabricated components

Chrome Iron Pump Box Spool Liner Inserts Solve Hydro Transport Wear Problem

— October 18, 2009

An oil sands customer had a problem with extreme high wear on pump spools in the hydrotransport line for oil sands.

Cyclofeeder Wear Liner

— October 17, 2009

An oil sand customer from Ft McMurray had a Cyclofeeder liner that required new wear liners.

Frac Pump Sand Slinger

— October 16, 2009

One of our oil service companies used our Pliant 25 alloy to improve the wear life of their sand slingers.

CADI Feed Chute Liners

— August 6, 2009

CADI feed chute liners on a usage trial at a large Canadian copper mine.

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) Gear Segments

— August 5, 2009

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) gear segments used in the mining industry.

Balanced Machined Impellers

— August 4, 2009

Balanced Machined Impellers at >600BHN in ASTM A532 CLIII Type A.

Trunnion Liner

— August 3, 2009

A 5800 pound ASTM A532 CLIII Type A >650BHN fully machined casting made for a mine here in British Columbia.

White Iron Cyclone Used in Oil Sands

— July 30, 2009

One customer’s success story. 17 times savings based on acquisition cast, running costs and expected life span!

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